Fuji Eco Tour Service

10 Benefits by Fuji Eco Tour Service

  • Eco Tour of walking around Mt. Fuji area with the Fuji Kawaguchiko Official Guide.
  • Please choose from among the 10 courses of Mt. Fuji and Jukai Sea of Trees.
  • We accept applications from two people.
  • Booking is easy.You can make a reservation from our homepage by 7 o'clock in the evening of the previous night.
  • One official guide will guide you to a group of 2 to 15 people per course.
  • From infants to the elderly, anyone can join the course.
  • All courses include lunch (with green tea).
  • If you stayed at a hotel around Fuji Goko area the day before, please call us by 7 o'clock night the night before.
  • People who make day trips by train or bus meet at 9:30 in the morning at 'Fujikyu Kawaguchiko Station' North Exit.
  • People who come by car gather at 'Road Station Narusawa' free parking lot at 10:00 am.
  • (C) fuji-eco.com

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    • 2020.3.11

    • 新着情報
    • 2020.2.20

      ★NHKの海外放送番組に「Have A Nice Stay!」という番組がある。NHKの海外向け番組としては、相撲中継に次ぐ人気番組らしい。その番組のロケがあり、当社の人気ガイド・栗林が冨士風穴をご案内しました。この番組は2月16日以降、毎日下記のアドレスでパソコンから見られます。富士山の周辺の見どころを静岡版と山梨版に分かれて紹介されています。 https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/program/video/nicestay/
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    • 2020.1.2

      ★2020年 富士登山・早期割引・予約受付中!!  「2020東京」のオリンピックイヤーの今年、記念すべき富士登山をご検討のお客様の為に「早期割引」の予約をお受けしております。
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    • 2020.1.1