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Course S : Mt.Fuji Climbing Tour for Beginners.

"Mt. Fuji in Japan" became "Mt. Fuji in the world" after being registered as a World Heritage site in 2013.

Mt. Fuji covered with snow all the year is permitted to climb only July and August.

We will head by our bus till Mt. Fuji 5th station (2400 m).

Until the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, We drive comfortably above the clouds.

As a source of Japanese mind, still now Mt. Fuji is crowded with mountain religion people.

5th station of the starting places are already located above the sea of clouds.

We will take an hour break to adapt your body to high altitude at 5th station.

After taking an hour's meal rest in the 5th station, We will start slowly.

Fujinomiya trail can see the Pacific Ocean and Izu Peninsula below.

We will slowly start the climbing tr of volcanic lava and gravel.

We will arrive at the first mountain hut in about 20 minutes after leaving 5th station. After that there is a mountain hut about once an hour.

A mountain hut that appears every hour is also a service area of Mt. Fuji climber.

All equipment for climbing Mt. Fuji can be rented.

Walking over the sea of clouds,It’s just like a walk in the air.

Taking a break many times, We will climb while gradually getting used to the high elevation.

We will stay overnight in one of the mountain hut between the 7th to 9th station.

Saturday and Sunday stays may be very crowded.

Leave the mountain hut before dawn.

You can also experience the traditional "mountain top sunrise" at your request.

When arriving at the summit, the front is "Fujinomiya-Sengentaisha-Okumiya Shrine" and "Mountain top post office".

You can also experience the traditional "Ohachi meguri tour" that goes round the summit crater.

When you climbing down, You can experience running in volcanic gravel called “Osuna-bashiri”.

We will guide you safely from small children to elderly customers.

Course S : Private Mt.Fuji climbing two-day tour

We will guide you privately to the summit of world heritage 'Mt. Fuji' which is pride of Japan.

Let's climb Mt. Fuji where everyone wants to climb once in a lifetime.
English-speaking mountain guide will accompany you safety to the summit.
You can climb only your private party so you can climb at your own pace.

Course S : Private Mt.Fuji climbing two-day tour

  • English-speaking mountain guide will accompany your party.
  • Luxurious tour you can enjoy climbing only your private party so you can climb at your own pace.
  • If you would like to see “Goraikou” which is sunrise at the summit, please apply.
  • We recommend climbing on weekdays from July 1st, to September 8th.
  • Weekend's mountain hut is incredibly crowded.
  • Application will be accepted from 2 people.
  • After the climb, If you would like to enjoy public bathhouse, we will drive you to there Called "Yuraginosato".
  • We will drive you to Shinkansen "Shin-Fuji station" or Fujikawaguchiko area Hotel entrance, tour ends.
  • We will keep your extra baggage until tour ends.
  • Mountain hut Charges are \8,000(weekdays)-11,000(weekend) per person with dinner (curry rice) and packed breakfast.
  • We will arrange mountain hut reservations.
  • From July 1st,Fri to 8th,Fri.We will use the "Yoshida-Guchi Trail" in Yamanashi prefecture side.

【Departure date】
Jul.1st,Mon. - Sep.9th,Mon. Tours will be held daily during this period.
※You can participate on your convenient day.
【Tour price】
2 party \80,000 per person
3 party \55,000 per person
4 party \43,000 per person
5 party \36,000 per person
6 party \32,000 per person
7 party \29,000 per person
8 party \26,000 per person
9 party \25,000 per person
10 party \23,000 per person
11 party \22,000 per person
12 party \21,000 per person
13 party \20,000 per person
14 party \19,000 per person
15 party \18,000 per person
※On Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before sunrise on public holidays, an additional 2,000 yen will be charged per person.
※Children are the same charge
Included in the tour price / Lunch of the day1, tea ・ guide fee ・ accident insurance fee ・ water for wash your hands after descending ・ sports drink ・ cold hand towel ・ sweets ・ collection of garbage after descending ・ Shin-Fuji station or "Yuragin-no-yu"
Separate fee / Accommodation fee for mountain hut(Weekday overnight and 2meals \8,000 , On Saturday \11,000.
※Lunch on the second day is self-paying. We will make a reservation for a hut. Only customers planned to stay in Kawaguchiko Town, We will take you to the hotel after descending. Walking around the crater "Ohachimeguri" is \1000 per person
【Cancellation fee】
The cancellation fee is 20% up to 10 days before departure after completing application. Cancellation until 30 days ago is 30%. 50% the day before. The day is 100%.
※However, it is possible to change the number of participants and change the departure date after application.
PDF Mt.Fuji climbing basic knowledges / equipment and clothes / buy it or borrow it ?
PDF Various circumstances of Mt.Fuji climbing

Time schedule

(Day 1)

10:15am Meet at Shin-Fuji Station (60min) 11:30am "Mizugatuka park" parking lot(Lunch / break) Fujinomiya trail Fifth station Rest House ~ 1:00pm Start climbingwalk(4h) Arrive at the seventh or ninth station hut by 5:00pm hut (dinner/Enjoy the view and night sky) ~ 8:00pm go to sleep.

(Day 2)

4:00am wake up(Breakfast / sunrise "Goraiko") walk8:00am Mt. Fuji summit(break/ Applicants only, guide to the highest peak Kengamine and walking around the crater "Ohachimeguri") ~ 10:00am Start descentwalk Osunabashiri walk Mt.Hoei walk Hoei crater walk New 6th station walk Fujinomiya trail Fifth station Rest House(break) ~ "Mizugatuka park" parking lot ~ public bathhouse( "Yuraginosato" bath ~ Shin-Fuji Station(Around5:00-7:00pm)Hotel entrance in FujiKawaguchiko area.

Assembly point

Assemble at JR Tokaido Shinkansen "Shin-Fuji Station" 10:15 am

  • From Tokyo direction, Depart Tokyo station 8:57 AM “KODAMA 711” to Shin-Fuji station 10:03 AM arrival.
  • From the East side of Japan, Depart Sendai station 6:36AM “HAYABUSA 2” transfer at Tokyo station “KODAMA 709" to Shin-Fuji station 9:34 AM
  • From Nagoya direction, Depart Nagoya station 8:38 AM “KODAMA 706” to Shin-Fuji station 10:07 AM.
  • From Osaka direction, Depart Sin-Osaka station 7:45 AM ”NOZOMI 212” transfer at Nagoya station “KODAMA 706” to Shin-Fuji station 10:07 AM.
  • From the West side of Japan, Depart Hirosima station 6:03AM “NOZOMI 88” transfer at Nagoya station “KODAMA 706" to Shin-Fuji station 10:07 AM
  • Our bus welcomes you to Shinkansen "Shin-Fuji station" South exit parking lot.
  • Participation by car will be gathered at 11:30 AM to the "Mizugatsuka Park" Fuji Skyline parking lot.

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