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Mt.Fuji Houei crater tour course C with English guide.

A beautiful white birch forest.

The bottom of the crater of Hoei Volcano is a desolate landscape.

A comfortable driving course up to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji.

The trekking starts from the Fujinomiya 5th station.

Rutherford Alcock, the first foreigner to climb Mt. Fuji at the end of the Edo period, also started on this mountain trail.

In 2015, it was featured on a famous Japanese TV show.

You can enjoy the mountain trail from the 5th station to the 6th station.

The crater that suddenly appears is very impressive! !

When you descend to the bottom of the Hoei Crater, you will be greeted with a view that makes you feel like you are on a planet other than Earth.

On sunny days, you can enjoy lunch at the bottom of the crater.

Beautiful views during trekking

Beautiful views during trekking

On the way back, we walk through the forest at the tree line.

The peak of Mt. Hoei is called Akaiwa. Doesn't it look like a baboon's profile?

We will guide you safely.

In 2008, His Majesty the Emperor of Japan used this route to climb Mt. Fuji.

Walking along the green promenade…

You can also enjoy the unusual shapes of plants that curve due to the wind and snow.

This course can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly.

We will guide you slowly from the 5th station to the 6th station.

A course that takes you to the crater of Mt. Hoei on the southwest side of Mt. Fuji

The crater that suddenly appears is very impressive!!

Plants that grow strong even in harsh environments

Historically, the biggest and latest volcanic crater called Houei crater. We will guide you to this amazing and fascinating area.

We will drive to Mt.Fuji 5th station(Fujinomiya trail) by our van. Climb up to 6th step about 20min then traverse to the crater which erupted in 1707. We will enter to the bottom of crater. You can enjoy unique lava rocks and precious alpine plants like Japanese larch tree, Betula tree, and so on. On the way back, we will hike timberline.
In autumn, if weather was good, you will enjoy scenery of Pacific Ocean and Izu peninsula. Young and old people will enjoy this moderate trekking tour.

From 10 in the morning until around 4 pm. Approximately 5-6 hours.

【Tour period】
May.7st,Tue. - Jun.30th,Sun. Sep.11th,Wed. - Oct.31th,Thu. Tours will be held everyday during this period.
【Tour price】
2 party \33000 per person
3 party \22000 per person
4 party \17000 per person
5 party \14000 per person
6 party \12000 per person
7 party \11000 per person
8 party \10000 per person
9 party \9000 per person
10 party \8500 per person
※Children are the same charge
【Participation conditions】
Application will be accepted from 2 people.
We will walk about 3 km course slowly for 5 hours.
English-speaking tour guide only.
Please wear shoes that you can walk easy. You should wear long sleeves and long pants and bring a light jacket.
The lunch menu is 'Rice ball Bento' and Japanese green tea.
We will prepare helmet ・ headlamp ・ gloves ・ rain gear for you.
The tour will be held even in rainy weather.

Time schedule

Fujikawaguchiko area Hotel 9:00am Dpt. (30min) Kawaguchiko Station 9:30am (30min) Rord Station Subashiri 10:00am (30min) Mizugatsuka Park 10:30am (50min) Fuji Sky Line (20min) Mt.Fuji 5th Station(Fujinomiya Trail) walk (30min) 6th Step walk (30min) Houei Crater(lunch time) walk (30min) Timber Line Trail walk (30min) 5th Station (60min) Rord Station Mizugatsuka Park or Subashiri or Kawaguchiko Station or Hotel entrance. (15:00-16:00pm Arr.)

Assembly point

  • In case of staying at a hotel around Fuji Goko area the day before. We will pick you up at the hotel entrance at 9 o'clock in the morning.
  • In case of coming by train or bus on the day. I will pick you up at Kawaguchiko Station at 9:30 in the morning.
  • In case of coming by car. Please gather at the parking lot of Road Station Subashiri or "Mizugatsuka Park" Fuji Skyline parking lot at 10:00 in the morning.

  • Access

    It is approximately 2 hours by direct express bus from "Tokyo Station" or "Shinjuku Station"

  • Depart "Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit" at 6:50 am ⇒ Arrive at "Kawaguchiko Station" at 8:52 am.
  • Depart "Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal" at 7:15 am ⇒ Arrive at "Kawaguchiko Station" at 9:00 am.
  • From "Yokohama Station West Exit" at 7:00 am ⇒ Arrive at "Kawaguchiko Station" at 8:52 am.

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