Fuji Eco Tour Service

10 Benefits by Fuji Eco Tour Service

  • Eco Tour of walking around Mt. Fuji area with the Fuji Kawaguchiko Official Guide.
  • Please choose from among the 10 courses of Mt. Fuji and Jukai Sea of Trees.
  • We accept applications from two people.
  • Booking is easy.You can make a reservation from our homepage by 7 o'clock in the evening of the previous night.
  • One official guide will guide you to a group of 2 to 15 people per course.
  • From infants to the elderly, anyone can join the course.
  • All courses include lunch (with green tea).
  • If you stayed at a hotel around Fuji Goko area the day before, please call us by 7 o'clock night the night before.
  • People who make day trips by train or bus meet at 9:30 in the morning at 'Fujikyu Kawaguchiko Station' North Exit.
  • People who come by car gather at 'Road Station Narusawa' free parking lot at 10:00 am.
  • (C) fuji-eco.com

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    • 2018.7.13

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    • 2018.6.11

      ◆昨年、NHKBSプレミアムで放映され好評だった『ニッポンぶらり鉄道旅』の再放送が決定しました。タレントの新谷あやかさんを当社のAコースの青木ケ原樹海へご案内した模様が紹介されます。 再放送日は、●7月26日(木)夜7時〜・●同28日(土)朝7時45分〜・●8月2日(木)昼12時30分からの3回にわたり放映されます。
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    • 2018.1.9

      ◆2018 English version of HP was made. I will start my English guide this year. We are waiting for the participation of all of the world. ◆2018年から英語ガイドを始めました。◆
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    • 2018.1.1